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Be The Business Owner You Want To Be

With a Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs find themselves feeling:

OVERWHELMED trying to keep up on their admin tasks 

FRUSTRATED that it takes them away from other work

DEFEATED because they can't do it all

We can help.

Delegation Made Easy. Delegation Done Right.


Schedule a conversation with Cathy


Discuss your daily tasks


Get assigned your virtual "Cathy"


Start delegating!

Our Purpose

People shouldn't have to do business alone. Nor should they be burdened by administrative tasks because it may not make sense for their business to hire a part time or full time employee. We are here to provide an alternative way to receive support. 

Our Mission

Virtual Cathy's mission is to grow alongside our clients' businesses across the country, giving back their time, focus, and energy by answering their need for administrative support and exceeding their expectations by doing so in a personable and professional way.


Customer Service

Taking calls while working impeding your workflow, but also concerned with customer service? Let Cathy take over your phone work, whether it is answering calls, taking messages, or making calls on your behalf.


Admin Work

If you're spending your downtime entering data, answering email inquiries, creating spreadsheets, organizing digital files, and other miscellaneous computer work, your time may be better spent elsewhere. Virtual Cathy can provide this service quickly and efficiently.


Most business owners know the importance of having a presence on social media, but don't have the time to tend to their business pages. Cathy can assist in creating polished content and posting consistent messages on multiple platforms. 


And More

Whether it's online research, travel arrangements, product comparison and a variety of other time-consuming administrative tasks, Cathy and her team can work with you to get back your time.

What Can

Virtual Cathy

Do For You?

One of the most common hurdles I hear people mention when looking into hiring a VA is that they know they need help, but are not sure what to delegate. Here is a helpful guide that can get you thinking about ways to outsource your regular tasks! Included is a worksheet you can complete to organize your thoughts.

Here's a glimpse of some of the programs we work with:...

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