What Do You Want To Start Delegating First?


Month-to-Month Agreements

Services that scale easily as administrative needs grow

Starter Plan begins at just 10 hours per month

Pick Your Admin Plan



10 Hours Per Month

Receive up to 10 hours of virtual assisting services per month.




25 Hours Per Month

Receive up to 25 hours of virtual assisting services per month.


Professional Plan

40 Hours Per Month

Receive up to 40 hours of virtual assisting services per month.



50 Hours Per Month

Receive up to 50 hours of virtual assisting services per month.




5 Hour Minimum

An hourly rate is a great option for one-time projects.


Whether you have a clear idea of the tasks you want to delegate, or you're not quite sure where to start, we will make this easy for you!

Need some ideas?

Check out the list of delegatable tasks below.

Data Entry
Whether you need forms made, contacts added to your database, spreadsheets created, Cathy and her team can quickly and efficiently take care of all your data entry needs.
Phone Work
Let Cathy and her team take your calls when you aren't able to. From basic answering services to full-service remote receptionist, providing stellar customer service to your clients and customers is top priority.
Travel Planning & Booking
Travel often? We can get your travel plans and hotel accommodations booked based on your preferences.
Vendor Management
Working with a large handful of vendors to keep your business can take up daily time and energy. Cathy and her team can order supplies, research a better vendor fit, oversee returns and track delivery.
Light Bookkeeping Prep
We pair nicely with bookkeepers by offering bookkeeping prep such as organizing receipts and preparing expense reports.
Scheduling & Calendar Management
Scheduling and Calendar Management can be a daily burden for a busy professional. Let Cathy and her team coordinate your appointments by taking care the scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling.
Email Management
How are you supposed to sort out 100+ emails a day in a timely manner AND get the rest of your work done? Cathy can assist in prioritizing the emails you need to address first and organize the rest.
Online Shopping
If you spend more time than you'd like shopping online, scouring reviews, and finding the best deals, send it over to Cathy to narrow down your options based on the criteria you set.
Price & Product Comparison
If you are considering making large purchases, but don't have the time to compare different brands, and different price points, Cathy can do the dirty work so you feel confident about your next investment.
Market Research
Cathy's team can compare your services and products to your competition, conduct basic research polls for an industry's target market, and assist in determining what the demand for services is.
Digital File Organization
Just like physical files, disorganized digital files can slow down your productivity. "Bring in" Cathy and her team to organize all of your files, documents, spreadsheets, design files, presentations, etc.
Social Media Management
Want to have a presence on social media? From building out different social media platforms to creating consistent, branded content for your business, Cathy can help you reach your target market online.
Invoicing is the lifeblood of a company! If your invoicing is behind, Cathy can get all of your invoicing caught up and sent out in a timely manner each month.
Online Marketing Tasks
Cathy and her team has a lot of experience creating and sending out newsletters, setting up marketing funnels, designing print marketing material such as flyers, postcards, and rack cards, and more.

Don't see what you need? Just ask!


Why should I consider hiring a VA?

VAs benefit businesses in a multitude of ways! Imagine not having to worry about employment taxes, providing state mandated benefits like sick time, going through a lengthy recruiting process and providing a set amount of hours a week or month to an employee. You also don't have to worry about providing any equipment or office space to house a VA as we work remotely. Those are just a few benefits to consider a VA.

Can my VA come to my office to do work?

Generally no, VAs work remotely only, unless you're local to your VA and have come to an agreement for any work within a physical location.

What if the type of work I need done is not on your list of services?

Let's have a discussion about what you're looking for! Having worked with different business owners in many different capacities, trying to list every task I've done would be quite comprehensive and a bit overwhelming. I can generally make a Yes or No decision with a quick conversation about your work or project via email or phone call.

When will the work be done?

Unless your work requires immediate attention during normal business hours, such as phone work, scheduling, etc, a VA will work anytime it is convenient as long as it fits within the agreed-upon deadline.

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